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I was about 30 and was managing a grocery store in Washington. I had just bought a 3 bedroom house and moved in by myself but had two empty bedrooms I was looking to rent out.

I worked quite often with the night crew guys at the store and one night a new guy showed up and introduced himself as Ben. He asked if I knew of any rooms to rent in the area and quickly told him that I had a couple.

Well within a couple weeks he had moved in and Sexy roomie sucked got along great. Ben informed me before he moved in that he was completely straight and because he knew I was gay he asked me to just not touch him. We lived together for about 6 mos, both of Sexy roomie sucked worked many hours but he always seemed to find time to bring girls back to his room to have sex with, so I knew he was a horny guy!

In passing we both mentioned to each other that we needed to take a day off and hang out together and get drunk, so we both made the arrangements and took a couple days off the following week.

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This particular summer in Washington was very hot and not having air conditioning we seldom wore many clothes and this night we were hanging out in our boxers, drinking beer in the back yard together. Now when you drink beer it always seems to go right through you so both of us had to Sexy roomie sucked running to the bathroom to piss.

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Finally it got to be about midnight, both of us pretty sloshed by then and Ben stood up and said he had to piss again and I made the comment not thinking he would but I told him to just piss right there because we were sitting in the grass.

To my suprise he pulled off his boxers and stood right next to me and started to let out a heavy stream of piss. Now I was still sitting in the lawn chair and he was Sexy roomie sucked next to me with his cock maybe a foot away from my face and it was really turning me on to watch this hot guy piss and of course I started getting a boner, both because I had to piss and I was horny from watching him.

I stood up pulled of my boxers and started to piss as well except for one thing, I was completely boned up! He loved to talk about the girls he had been with and how he would cum all over their face because he was a big shooter.

Dont know how long it was but after a bit he stood up and when I looked at him he was completely hard. I personally had never seen a cock this big in person, it blew me away and I told him too. Told him I had never seen one that big and Sexy roomie sucked he could do is smile! Well he started pissing again, hard, piss spraying straight up in the air but this time he thought he would be funny and turned sideways and shot a stream off piss across my chest.

Of course I told him that was gross just kidding and I immediately stood up with a boner and started pissing too making sure I sprayed his Sexy roomie sucked with my piss.

Well he said that was it and he tackled me and we both went tumbling Sexy roomie sucked the ground, completely naked and hard of course. We wrestled around for a few minutes before I pinned him on his belly with me laying on top of him, teasing him and rubbing my hard cock inbetween his ass cheeks telling him I was going to fuck him! He started freaking out and telling me he would kick my ass if I didnt get off him, so I let him wiggle free and before I knew it he had me pinned to the Sexy roomie sucked on my belly.

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Now something you need to know about Ben is that the guy shoots precum out like it was cum, I have never seen a guy leak as much as he did so as he was laying on top of me with his monster cock sliding inbetween my ass cheeks, he was leaking huge amounts of precum getting my ass so slippery and it was feeling good because he started talking way nasty Sexy roomie sucked me how I liked that big cock.

I told him there was no way he was going to fuck me but I barely got the words out when his cock Sexy roomie sucked slid right into my hole, completely by accident.

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It hurt like crazy but he flipped out and started moaning, pumping in and out of my hole now with nothing but his precum for lube. I felt his cock swell to what felt like a telephone pole inside my ass and it exploded filling me with the biggest load ever.

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When he pulled his cock out of me and I stood up, I had cum actually running down my hairy legs so I scooped some up and started stroking my cock until I exploded on the grass in front of Ben. He told me later that was Sexy roomie sucked first time he had ever seen a hard dick and had never seen one shoot a load before.

After taking a long piss together we said goodnite to each other, each of us going to our own rooms. That night was just the beginning though, I didnt know it but I had created a monster! That was hot Sexy roomie sucked my dick all hard. I sucked my buddy untill the came in my mouth and I swallowed it and kept on sucking and asked where did it go I said get a flashlight and look down my throught…….

I have had a boner since reading your story. You can tell us about other stories anytime. Yeah, that was fucking hotter than hell man. Another for our team. I was living and working in Vegas. But of course I hid this all very well. So at the restuarant there were a few gay guys working there and to my knowledge I was never around one.

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The one really made no secret of it that he wanted to make it with me. He just did nothing for me so I went on as I was straight but did not act like he was bothering me cause everyone who worked there accepted the gay guys. One night he threw a party at his place and all the employees were invited. The straight ones left early. To my surprise he has some hot Sexy roomie sucked friends and after drinking and talking playfully I went in the bedroom with 2 of his friends and we loved on each other till we sucked each others cock over and over…all I could smell was fresh cum on my face, lips,etc.

I Sexy roomie sucked let the one put it in my ass and the one I worked with walked in and you can imagine the look on his face.

So speeding up 5 years. I lost contact with all of them. It was the guy I worked with but never did anything with him. He was now living in florida and had a lover who had great job working behind the scenes for Joan Rivers.

She was playing at Ceasars Palace that night and they invited me to dinner and then took me home to change for the Sexy roomie sucked. Well they had a room at the Hotel there and my friends lover had to go and do some work on the stage leaving us in the room alone.

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One thing led to another and he took my hard cock out and start sucking it admitting how bad he wanted it years earlier. After about 8 minutes the door flew open—yes the lover! Reminds me Sexy roomie sucked lot of the straight guy I worked with. He also was tall, skinny, young he was 21 and I was I was amazed how big his dick was over 11 inches! I see you checking me out. But first, Sexy roomie sucked me suck you, as part of our agreement. I immediately began sucking him to the tune of his deep manly moans, his rough hands on th back of my head.

I told him to turn around. I spread those creamy white cheeks of his apart to reveal the tender pink manhole that I instantly began eating. He turned me around, and with my hands against the sink, facing the mirror, he ate my ass out as well. I looked through my legs to he his monster throbbing at full force, reasy for what was inevitably next.

I feel every inch probe further and futher up my ass until it reached full penetration. I could see the look of Sexy roomie sucked pleasure on his face and mine as I looked at his pelvis thrusting into my backside in the mirror, both with our work shirts and ties still on but our pants down around our ankles.

Older guys are so hot, especially when they look like you. My dad and I used to fool around. He started fucking me when I was younger. When I got older, I started fucking him.