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Nerd breeding season

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Female budgerigars, or parakeets, appear to value mates with mental dexterity—and will even switch their romantic allegiances from one male to another if the latter successfully shows off his smarts.

As humans, we all have our weaknesses—especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Some will search for a set of stunning, soul-piercing eyes; others will hold out for just the right kind of wise-cracking jokester. As it turns out, fine-feathered females of the parrot persuasion might assess each male for size—the Nerd breeding season of his intellect, that is.

While previous research has hinted at this cognitive connection, this study is the first to directly point to the allure of acumen. But here, females actually prefer males who perform a mentally challenging task.

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As any parakeet owner can attest, these colorful, pint-sized parrots are as keen as they are mischievous. Unlike many other animals, these birds have only the loosest of breeding seasons; rampant rainfall, and the subsequent growth in vegetation, is what most predictably gets parakeets in the Nerd breeding season, explains Christine Dahlina bird biologist who studies parrots at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, but was not involved in the study—making these birds akin to foul-weather friends with benefits.

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Dahlin, who has bred budgies, recalls having to constantly mist the birds with water in an effort to rile up their libido. The unpredictability of their lifestyle means that parakeets need to be both flexible and observant, Nerd breeding season adds. So if anyone stands to benefit from a perceptive partner, it might just be these birds.

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Budgerigars sometimes pair up for extended periods of time in the wild, and are often physically affectionate with each other. First, they introduced each female parakeet to two males and allowed her to make an arbitrary choice: Some Nerd breeding season these snubbed suitors were left to sulk.

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Others, however, were immediately recruited into an intensive brain-boosting boot camp in an attempt to elevate their partnering prospects. For one week, Chen diligently coached the males to open two complex contraptions filled with tasty treats.

It Nerd breeding season a laborious and time-consuming experiment, she recalls; some of the birds were more amenable to tutoring than others, and the task had been purposefully designed to be difficult.

At the same time, the females were given their own food-filled contraptions, which had been taped shut, to give them a sense of the arduousness of the chore at hand.

Then came the moment of truth. Whatever it was, though, it had some staying power: If the females never witnessed the less-preferred paramour showing Nerd breeding season his smarts, they stubbornly stuck to their original choice.

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In natural contexts, males will actively court females, who are anything but passive onlookers.

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Rather, budgie displays tend to involve a lot of back-and-forth. Partitioned into a multi-chambered cage, the birds never even made physical contact; the female simply flitted back and forth between two zones corresponding to her feathered fellas.

Nothing gets Nerd breeding season parakeets in the mood quite like rainfall; though they're capable of seasonal breeding, they'll also take advantage of weather changes in Australia's arid outback. Eric Kilby, Wikimedia Commons. Whether these findings will hold true in other birds—or more distantly related animals, like humans—remains to be seen.

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These winged wonders are speedy learners and adroit puzzle solvers. Even the internal architecture of their brains bears a striking resemblance to that of primates.

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Nerds are perfectly capable of getting girls—no wingman necessary. And in light of findings like these, it might be high time to acknowledge what a boon a birdbrain can be.

Support Provided By Learn More. In the World of Parrots, Nerdy Guys Get the Girls the loosest of breeding seasons; rampant rainfall, and the subsequent growth in vegetation.

Still, there was mix breeding Nerd breeding season this caused a breakdown in our color.

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