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MIAMI -- A man who jumped onto a lifeboat on the side of a cruise ship clung to the edge of the tiny vessel for more than minute early Friday as fellow passengers watched and screamed before he plunged into the ocean below, according to officials and video posted of the incident.

CBS Miami posted video taken by a passenger that shows the chilling and frantic scene as Caribbean cruising scene 4 his clip scene and crew members desperately tried to pull the man back to safety. In the video, people can be seen leaning over the deck trying to grab hold of him.

It seems, at one point, he lost his grip. It wasn't clear why the man jumped toward the lifeboat or how he came to cling at its side. Royal Caribbean and the Coast Guard said only that the year-old man, from Brazil, was on the seventh deck of the massive Oasis of the Seas when he apparently jumped onto the life boat one deck below.

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The cruise line didn't release his name. It said in a statement that it's supporting the man's family, but calls and emails for further comment weren't immediately returned. Coast Guard said it received a report of the incident about 1 a.

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The fall came as the ship sailed near the Bahamas. The short video clip was briefly posted to YouTube but then taken down. It shows several people looking on, apparently trying to help as the man clings to the boat. One man screams, "Hold on to him, don't let him go" and says he won't go away until the man is back onboard. A woman tells everyone to stop yelling because people are trying to help him.

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The clinging passenger appears to look toward the deck in the seconds before he plunges into the water. The woman says she can see him in the water - "He's there! The video then ends.

The ship left Saturday on a seven-day trip. The Coast Guard said it immediately sent a C plane from Clearwater, Florida, to begin searching for the man.

An MH helicopter joined the search at daybreak, and the cruise ship sent two search boats to look for the man.

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The Oasis of the Seas made headlines in January after a 4-year-old boy nearly drowned in a wave pool on the cruise ship. Edited video shot by passenger shows man clinging to lifeboat before dropping off.

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