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Are you mature enough marriage

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And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. The beginning of a relationship can be a whirlwind of excitement. Glances across a crowded room, flirtatious chats, all that intimate tension.

After all, a key component of being in a relationship is the ability and the willingness to be vulnerable with your partner. Your partner should be willing to share their feelings with you, even when those feelings are upsetting or uncomfortable.

Your partner should act and feel like a real person. Your partner should be entirely comfortable with who they are. You want to be sure that your partner is able to go with the flow, because life and relationships are always going to be changing when we least expect it.

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Having a good sex life is a pretty important part of having a mature relationship. People move at their own pace.

That is an important part of intimacy. Having goals is good, but sometimes people just put them on a shelf and forget to actually try and Are you mature enough marriage them.

You want to make sure your partner has the ability to make goals and also follow through with them. If they want to lose a few pounds, your partner should have the control to change their diet or exercise in order to do so — instead of just saying they want to without doing anything. Being a good person is a culmination of many things.

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How do they treat strangers, service workers, their friends and their parents? What are their values?

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How do they feel about helping others? A lot of being a good person is knowing when to be selfless. If your partner has a hard time thinking about anyone other than themselves, then they might not be ready to think about you.

He stands with you and has your back when you are struggling. Your partner should be able to notice both their strengths and their weaknesses. You want a partner who has a balanced view of themselves. If they think too lowly of themselves, they may not have the self-esteem it takes to maintain a relationship.

Not only do they respect them, but they also appreciate them.

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Your partner should appreciate your differences, and respect you as a person enough to not try and change them. Being happy is arguably the most important aspect of living.

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