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HIV Surveillance Report ; Accessed January 24, These deaths may be due to any cause.

An Exploratory Investigation of Treatment...

In addition to stigma and other risk factors affecting all gay and bisexual menseveral factors are specific to African American Black gay bisexual and bisexual men. African American is a term often used for Americans of African descent with ancestry in North America.

Individuals may self-identify as either, both, or choose another identity altogether.

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This fact sheet uses African Americanunless referencing surveillance data. It indicates a behavior that transmits HIV infection, not how individuals self-identify in terms of their sexuality.

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This fact sheet uses the term gay and bisexual men. That means a greater proportion of those who have not been tested recently are HIV-positive.

Social Capital, Depressive Symptoms, and...

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An estimated 1, people had HIV at the end of Lack of awareness of HIV status. Timely linkage to HIV medical care.

Early linkage to HIV medical care is essential to achieving viral suppression. Low rates of viral suppression.

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