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You know what I hate?

When automatic doors fail to open for you and you kinda just walk forwards and backwards until they decide to go "Ugh, fine. How d these doors detect humans coming towards them. This beam of light is broken by an object, which causes a disruption in the 'close door' signal to a sensor to be interrupted.

This interruption causes the doors to open.

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Once the object has moved out of sensor range and the signal is again transmitted and the door closes again. I have come up with two theories as to why I am unable to be detected. I secretly possess ninja like skills and am trained in the art of stealth which is kinda true because according to my family, I am literally like invisible or something.

One second I am there next I go and I apparently walk far too 'quietly' to be noticed. I have no life source. I am dead inside like a vampire or suffer from Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser similar affliction because I can not for the life of me figure out as to why these god damn doors dare not to open in my presence.

Anyway, here is a new chapter which I kinda wrote the bottom and top separately and brought them together so please excuse any dodgy-ness. It's been exactly two year since I published this story. Well Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser I'll become more diligent in my publishing.

Rosalie was annoyed, extremely annoyed with herself. From associating Sebastian to the root of all that is evil to passionately kissing him in the dark kitchens, she couldn't comprehend what was wrong with her. She didn't have any romantic feelings towards him and she was absolutely certain he felt no emotions, period. Just caught up in the moment. And Sebastian treated her like a pet along with the rest of the staff.

And if any of them were almost going to become some creepy old rich perverted sleaze's personal sex doll, he would save them too For the past few weeks, Rosalie had decided to pretend nothing had ever happened and luckily for her, Sebastian seemed to do the same.

They treated each other the same as always but whenever he was near, her mind kept lingering back to the kiss and what would have happened if Elizabeth didn't interrupt.

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The more she thought about it, the less memories came to her. For some odd reason, the events prior and during the kiss were a hazy fuzz to her and it was as if Elizabeth's voice snapped her out of a trance. On top of all that, Rosalie couldn't comprehend her new 'power'.

She had searched almost the entire library for anything about humans with abilities and almost nothing showed up and out of frustration lit up a bunch of scrap paper.

She wished that she was at home and had access to her father's private study. He had spent a lot researching legends and myths. Today, she was in the library flicking through some old book not paying attention to the details within.

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Groaning in annoyance, she buried her face in the book. No library for Rosy. Rosalie sighed at quietly got changed into her nightgown, to not to wake up Pluto or Mei Rin.

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She sat in her bed and stared at the door. Why couldn't she figure out what was wrong with her?

Her chest going up and...

She thought hard and wondered if it was a family thing, then she quickly dismissed the idea. If it was a family trait, she would have known about it. Her parents told her everything about their families and her grandmother pointed out how adamant it was to know family history. Ruling out that possibility, she sighed and Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser her head on her pillow.

She tosses and turned in bed trying to get in to a comfortable position but the attempt was futile. Eventually she slipped out of bed and wandered the mansion to try and induce sleep. Remembering the beautiful garden she found a while ago, Rosalie quietly ran down the hall until she came across the translucent frosted glass doors that she found when she first arrived to the estate.

The garden's green foliage as bright as ever, contrasting the garden outside which was draped with a blanket of white snow. The cat from before was also there, her black fur sleek and shiny.

She climbed on to Rosalie's lap and rubbed her face against her hand. You have grown up a lot since the last time I saw you.

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You seem happy with the cat and obviously this garden. It is so pretty Sebastian took her finger into his mouth and gently sucked onto it, applying pressure to the wound with his tongue.

Rosalie unconsciously gazed at his face, in surprise more than anything else, as he cleaned her wound with his tongue. He pulled her finger out of his mouth and placed her hand on her lap. I don't want you sleeping around the place tomorrow. And don't Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser back here. After trying to comprehend what had just happened, she stood up and made her way back now, the whole time attempting to figure out Sebastian's personality as she stared at her finger.

The next morning, as she walked by the kitchen, Rosalie noticed something a little more frantic about the others as they ran around like confused headless chickens. The clock said it was already ten past nine, which was an odd hour for Sebastian to be missing. You tend to sleep in since you're only a tutor," Mei Rin explained. Rosalie went down the corridor and made a bee line to the butler's quarters.

She opened the door to find him slumped drunkenly on a Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser, his pyjama pants still on and his collared shirt loosely on and not buttoned. His normally white face was flushed red and sweat glistened on his chest and stuck his hair to his face. His eyes were painfully squeezed shut and his breathing was ragged. She cautiously approached him and he opened one eye. I need you to help me. Sebastian, you should stay in bed.

As the Phantomhive butler, I-". I'll be right back. He has a really bad fever and is about to collapse if he doesn't get any rest. I hate this place. I hate-" Her hate fest was cut off by a pained groan from Sebastian.

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She turned around and saw him with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands clutching onto the bedding to distract himself from whatever pain was pulsating through his body. Her expression softened as she pressed her hand against his forehead. She dipped a hand towel into the water and wrung it before dabbing it on Sebastian's forehead.

As she wiped the sweat away, she noticed that he was uncomfortably dressed and awkwardly lying in bed. She buttoned up his shirt after wiping away excess sweat from his chest, pulled off the one shoe he was wearing and tucked him under the blankets. As she fixed his bedding she saw he was wearing his white butler gloves and when she tried to pull them off his long slender fingers wrapped around her hand.

She stared confusedly at him but quickly regained composure. His visage was serious for someone who was bedridden. Feed a fever, starve a cold, was what she was taught Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser she went to make something for Sebastian to eat. She stared at the food in the cupboards trying to see what she could cook since her culinary skills were very limited.

Once everything was diced and put in a large pot to cook, she decided to make some rice pudding as well. It was one of the few dishes she could make well and her younger brother's favourite food. Whenever Thomas fell severely ill, she used to make him sweet rice pudding which the cook taught Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser.

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He always said he preferred her cooking. She would stay by his side all night long whenever she get the chance, making up stories and playing games until they fell asleep. He seemed most lively when he was with her and Edward that no one would ever guess he was frail and sickly. They used to tell him stories about their mother and how he was her favourite even for the short amount of time they were together, to make him feel happy.

She realised her grip on the wooden spoon tightened and she felt like crying. Sniffing, Sleaze chap takes bat in kisser tasted the pudding and was satisfied with the flavour.

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She put it aside to slow cook and prepared herself for the monstrous task of pureeing the vegetables for the soup. Realising how little knowledge she had of the kitchen, Rosalie pulled out a masher and started ferociously beating the pumpkin and carrots until it resembled an unnaturally thick soup.

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