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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Mabben left abundant materials, mcludmg his personal reminiscences of, and correspond- ence with, many remarkable literary and political person- ages, at home and abroad. How far these have been advantageously utilised in the present volume it remains for the reader to decide.

Madden's Early Published Works. Madden's Other Literary Works. Maddqn's Report on the.

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Aradden's of Hy-Many No. Throughout life, iiii interest in the atiairs of the Irish lusiuTection- arv movement of 8, and of those that figured therein, whose memory I have endeavoured to preserve and vindicate in my History of the United Irishmen, has heen a sort of ruHng passion with me.

This is perhaps ascribahle to the circumstance of my liaving been ushered into the world in that memorable year in the midst of a rebellion, the councils of which were carried on in the immediate vicinity of my father's abode in Wormwood-gate.

On the day of my birth, August 20ththat house was searched for arms by the notorious IMajor Sirr, attended by a company of yeomanry, a privileged banditti, who then carried terror and consternation into every dwelling of a Roman Catholic however peacefully disposed he might be. After ransacking without interruption the lower part of the house, they were repulsed at the door of my mother's room by her husband, who exposed his life to imminent danger in so Robbie madden meaty chap, and Robbie madden meaty chap only rescued from it by the sudden appearance of Major Sirr, who rushed upstairs and prevented the armed marauders from bursting into the apartment, saying: Edward IMadden to be a peaceable citizen.

These few words, Robbie madden meaty chap, saved Mrs. Madden, and perhaps her infant, from the consequence of so untimely a visit, and it must, perhaps, be admitted that the Major's courtesy was not duly requited by the latter in his manhood. He was a man of great worth, probity and piety. Before the Union he had amassed considerable means, but like most others engaged in commerce in Ireland, he gradually declined in prosperity from the date of that calamitous event. Even then, however, he was not a young man, having been born in Novemberthe son of Mr.

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My father commenced business on the Merchants Quay as a Robbie madden meaty chap manufacturer, at that period one of the leading industries of this country.

Thence, in he removed to No. He was twice, and each time happily married. First circato Miss Duras,the sister of Edward Duras, a wealthy manufacturer of Bordeaux, by whom he had issue ten children ; and secondly, in 1 7 7 7, to Miss Elizabeth Forde, youngest daughter of Thaddeus Forde, of Corry,Innismagrath, county Leitrim, by which marriage he had eleven children, of whom I was the youngest.

In the 91st year of his age — the 20th of November — he died, with the best of all claims to consideration, that of being an honest man. It may be pardonable in me — the last living of his twenty- one children — to say a few more words of so good a father.

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He had in effect many friends, and few — probably not any — enemies ; for it was the rule of his life never to speak ill of any human being, and his constant precept to all around him — "when they had nothing good to say of the absent or the dead, to pass their failings by in silence.

He keenly felt for the sufferings of the poor, and was prompt Robbie madden meaty chap relieve them. The representative of an ancient family,''' whose descendants, despoiled of their patrimony in penal times, were subsequently content to be allowed in peace to earn their bread in their own land ; — Edward Madden was not umnindful, in the principles which regulated his life, of the obligations Robbie madden meaty chap his creed and hneage.

In days when per- secution was abroad, and our venerable prelates Robbie madden meaty chap worthiest divines found dithculties and even danger attendant on their annual visit to the metropolis, his house was open to them, and for many years his hospitality was acceptable. The same prudence that guided his principles in private life directed his pohtical sentiments ; he loved his native country with the ardour of a Christian patriot, and in the worst of times he was loyal to his king, not for expediency, but " for con- science' sake.

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My mother was the youngest daughter of Thaddeus Forde, Esq. Their youngest daughter, Elizabeth, was born in Robbie madden meaty chap the death of her parents she resided at Lyonstown, the seat of her uncle, Myles Lyons, until her eighteenth or twentieth year, when she came up to Dublin to her sister, Mrs.

After some time she became a boarder in a convent, and there continued to reside to the date of her marriage. She was remarkable not only for her personal attractions, but also for the sweetness and brightness of her disposition, in which ere time and many troubles had done their work on her heart and its fondest hopes was reflected a joyous sere- nity that well accorded witli those religious sentiments which at all times were uppermost in her mind.

If natures best gifts and advantages afforded a reliable ground of hope and promise for the secure possession of happiness in this world, much felicity might have been hoped for her career in it.

It pleased God, however, to reserve her happiness for life eternal ; and here, to render one so good more worthy of its best rewards, she was tried with many grievous afflictions, and she was sanctified by them.

Honoured by the clergy of her Church for her worth and piety, she enjoyed the esteem and friendship of many of the most eminent Prelates and Priests of Ireland of her time. Beloved by the poor, not only for her charity, but also for the soothing kindness with which this was exercised: In Robbie madden meaty chap 75th year, on the 21st JMarchfull of hope in her Redeemer, she lied the death of a truly Christian woman.

The first scliool I was sent to was that of Mv.

Chaigneau, of Usher-street ; then to that of the Rev. Farrell, of Coldblow- lane, Donnybrook ; and next to that of the Rev. Barnaby Murphy, of North Anne-street.

An uncle of ray mother's, Robert Lyons, a younger brother of Myles Lyons, of Lyonstown, a very weU-known and Robbie madden meaty chap attorney who resided in Stephen's-green, was not very remarkable for making himself agreeable to people in general, and to members of his family in particular.

He was pleased, however, to notice me a good deal, and in return for his civility I assumed the name of Robert. It used to be a.

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Edward JMartin, of York-street, close to his house. His school was the best in Dubhn Robbie madden meaty chap its day, and although a Protestant one, it was remarkable in its management: On Saturdays about noon the worthy pedagogue, I weU remember, used to caU up the Catholic boys and say to them: Now, my dear children, as you learn your catechism at home, and the other boys are now about to learn theirs, you may go. I have often contrasted my experience of some sixty years ago in this matter of mixed education with Robbie madden meaty chap has come to my knowdedge of the conduct that is now pursued in regard to Catholic children in similar circumstances, and I must say things have by no means improved.

I was in the habit occasionally after scliool hours of caUing on my grand-uncle in his office, Stephen's-green.

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