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Some of us move on to other things, like Photographer sucks model photography. Some actually enjoy wedding photography and make a career out of it. But too many photographers are lured into wedding photography under the illusion of quick money, only to get stuck in the evil clutches of the mid-level wedding photography market forever or until they give up and find a real job.

Lets be honest here. In this article I am going to share the wedding photography business plan that is followed by the overwhelming majority of wedding photographers on the planet — and why it Photographer sucks model not a sustainable way to make a living. As the label would suggest, mid-level wedding photographers charge somewhere in the middle of the wedding photography spectrum.

They are not Uncle Bob or the Mom-With-a-Camera snapping five thousand wedding photos in program auto. Mid-level wedding photographers know how to light and will create stunning wedding Photographer sucks model for their clients in any situation. Finally, mid-level wedding photographers have a pretty three package system that is based on the level of photography coverage a bride and groom would like.

They will also have an online gallery for their clients and offer an array of prints, photo books, canvas gallery wraps etc. Nobody ever buys albums or canvases from them since once their clients wedding photos are shared on Facebook all interest in print products is lost, but a mid-level wedding photographer will never give up trying to Photographer sucks model them anyway.

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Mid-level wedding photographers will also make a show about not giving their clients the RAW filesbut at the first hint of questioning from a bride, they will crack and give everything away for free. Which is Photographer sucks model the point — if you Photographer sucks model a mid-level wedding photographer, practically every other wedding photographer in your area is your direct competition.

Now that we have defined who falls into the category of a mid-level wedding photographer and who the competition is — lets take a look at a typical mid-level wedding photography business plan. Sounds pretty good so far right? Of course, the actual amount of time involved will vary for every photographer, but I think that this is an accurate representation of a typical mid-level wedding photography workflow:. Lets, continue now that we have a wedding booked, there are a few Photographer sucks model preparations we have to make adding another 6.

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Final Confirmations and Wedding Day Scheduling: Finally, on the day of the wedding, here is a detailed breakdown of a typical day of wedding photography starting at about 9: Travel to Photographer sucks model Bride Preparing: Photograph Flowers, Dress, Shoes, Details: Photograph Empty Reception Hall: Photograph Speeches During Dinner: Wait Around for Bouquet Toss and Garter: Photograph Bouquet Toss and Garter: Unpack and Put Away Gear: At this point, we just spend another 16 hours after the wedding proofing and finishing up the work from Photographer sucks model day of wedding photography.

The client has their Photographer sucks model and its time to sell them an album, prints, canvases or some other sundry sales. First of all, you will never book a wedding every single Saturday of the year. Plus, if you are spending somewhere around 60 hours plus, per wedding — there is no way you could keep up that pace on a Photographer sucks model basis anyway.

Lets say that you book 24 weddings per year — or roughly 2 per month. For most full time wedding photographers I know, 24 weddings in a year is a pretty successful year. But again, that is the gross income for your business — not your individual take-home net income.

To get your take-home net income, we have to subtract the business overhead required to run a wedding photography business. The point that I wanted to make in this article is not that you cannot make money or a decent living as a mid-level wedding photographer.

If you can fine tune your workflow to be more efficient, or find ways to charge just a little more money here and there, or augment your income with lifestyle and family portraiture — you can certainly make a living as a wedding photographer.

But what I wanted to highlight is that it is an extremely tough and competitive career path to follow on a daily basis — which is why so many mid-level wedding photographers burn out after just a few years of struggling to make ends meet with their wedding Photographer sucks model business.

It should also be obvious that wedding photography is not the cash cow that it may seem like at first — and a bride and groom that spend an average amount on wedding photography are actually getting a pretty amazing deal. It might be tough love, but unless your wedding photography business is generating enough income to sustain your lifestyle, there is no point being in business. The less time you spend per wedding, the more money you make per hour Photographer sucks model the more time you have to make more money doing something else.

Do everything possible to minimize your time per wedding. You can charge more money by either raising your rates, or you can eliminate items that cost you time or money from your wedding packages.

JP Danko is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. JP can change a lens mid-rappel, swap a memory card while treading water, or use a camel as a light stand.

On top of the stress involved which I cannot express in wordsyou are physically exerting yourself Photographer sucks model day.

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