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Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Ladislav three, Twitter, etc. Landscape genetics structure of European sweet chestnut Castanea sativa Mill: Mattioniand Ladislav Paule.

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Sweet chestnut is a tree of great economic fruit and wood productionecological and cultural importance in Europe. A large-scale landscape genetic Ladislav three of natural populations of sweet chestnut across Europe is applied to A large-scale landscape genetic analysis of natural populations Ladislav three sweet chestnut across Europe is applied to 1 evaluate the geographic patterns of genetic diversity 2 identify spatial coincidences between genetic discontinuities and geographic barriers 3 propose certain chestnut populations as reservoirs of genetic diversity for conservation and breeding programmes.

Six polymorphic microsatellite markers were used for genotyping wild trees sampled in 73 European sites. High values of genetic diversity He and allelic richness Ar were observed in the central area of C.

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The highest values of private allelic richness PAr were found in the eastern area. Three main gene pools and a significant genetic barrier separating the eastern from the central and western populations were identified.

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Areas with high priority for genetic conservation were indicated in Georgia, eastern Turkey and Italy. Our results increase knowledge of the biogeographic history of C. Landscape geneticsCastanea sativaand sweet chestnut Castanea sativa.

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Conservation of forest genetic resources and sustainable forest management in Europe more. Inferences on mating system and genetic composition of a seed orchard crop in the European larch Larix decidua Mill. Management implications of intrapopulation and interpopulation genetic variation in Norway spruce more.

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Morphological and genetic differentiation among the Central European white oaks more. Effects of microsite variation on growth and adaptive traits in a beech provenance trial Ladislav three. Forest science and Forestry Sciences.

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Genetic differentiation and phylogeny of beech on the Balkan peninsula more. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

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Genetic DiversityGenetic Differentiationand Fagus orientalis. Encyclopaedia of woody plants more. Experimental design and analysis for use in tree improvement more. Forest tree improvement in the Asia-Pacific Ladislav three more.

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