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Gay sex is no longer as widely criminalized as it used to be, but a total of 73 nations still have laws against it. The number of nations with anti-gay laws dropped to 73 on Jan. That was the year when the global rights group began documenting the laws that are used to Gay thug cartoon LGBT people. The blog has resisted including Russia Gay thug cartoon the list simply because it does not have a law against homosexual activity. Although Russia and Chechnya deny it, in Chechen police illegally arrested at least men on the grounds of their suspected sexual orientation.

Detained in two known illegal prisons, they were tortured, humiliated and beaten. At least three were killed. The anti-gay violence continued in Back inbased on a separate, nearly complete count, St. In the United States, anti-sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the U.

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Supreme Court inbut they are still on the books in 13 states: Conservative Gay thug cartoon legislators refuse to repeal the laws and, in some cases, police occasionally still arrest people on the basis of them. No country in Europe has a law against homosexuality.

The last European Gay thug cartoon with such a law was Northern Cyprus recognized as a country only by Turkeywhich repealed its law in January Also in Europe and worth mentioning but not on the list of countries with laws against homosexuality are:.

The bill seems to have stalled. But if it became law, any type of distribution of positive information on same-sex relations, not just discussions in the presence of a minor, would become a crime punishable Gay thug cartoon fines and a jail sentence. Some have also suggested that Namibia has no place in the list. The ILGA report bases its assertion that it criminalises homosexual acts on Dutch common law, but the Namibian constitution prohibits discrimination, and takes precedence over Dutch common law.

Maybe something to keep in mind for the review…. I think it a shame that any decriminalization for homosexuality has happened.

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What a shame, we should probably bring it back. Why do people like you hate such a small portion of the population, they Gay thug cartoon nothing from you. All they want is to be left alone and to live their lives in peace and to love the person that they love, without the bigots crawling out of the woodwork and spewing hate at them.

What have these people done? Just answer it, what have these people done to you? People start to live up to the teachings of the Prophet Issa and the others.

Desertfox1A, what the hell Gay thug cartoon you talking about? Since when you become law giver? God teaches you and me, and all the human race, in His holy word the Bible— which word shall judge all sinners— that it is an abomination for mankind to have sex with mankind, as with womankind.

Is it hateful to speak against wrong that people are doing? Do you not know that it is possible to hate the sin that a person does, but still love the person who is sinning?

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Where is your moral sense? The person you called a hater is not subject to your poor, sick judgment. If you want to go to hell with your damn sinful, satanic shit, then you can go.

You are very, very ignorant of the truth and righteousness of almighty God.

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There is no God. Listen Allyson, Im sorry Gay thug cartoon you may be dealing with such poor brain chemistry as consequence to the egocentric tendencys you justfy in contempt to the very nature of being gay that Id say defines you. Im sorry to say that your ill mannered expressions in contempt are merely a self defensive response to the truth that you yourself are actually in denial of, accepting that you initally are another repulsive abomination must be taxing, Aknowleding the fact you are forever lesser must hurt.

Coping with the disgrace you bring your bloodline must be hard, but have faith, organs are Gay thug cartoon. Look to all people here who think all gays are going to hell and all that crap.

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Think about it this way being gay is like being left handed some people are. Its not right or wrong its just the way things are.

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Here are 10 quotes from the New Testament: Would you be happy? Hm, let me guess…. Then again, does it?

Can these polls be extrapolated? If not, why not? But the focus of this blog is human rights for LGBT people, whether the majority of their country is for or against same-sex marriage. Nothing is a right that is wrong.

Your definition of right is wrong. How can this right to do wrong save the wrong doer from the just consequences of his or her wrong doing? One may choose to do wrong, but it is not a right to do it. It is a wrong to do it. And no one who does wrong can choose the consequences of his or her wrong doing. The Gay thug cartoon are inherent in the doing of the wrong. It is so that the wrong Gay thug cartoon will, and must know that his or her doing was wrong, is wrong— when the consequences cannot be avoided.

In one way one can choose, but in the other way one canot choose. The broken law chooses the consequences. God has already wriiten the codes of law in all 5 laws, the moral law, which is forever binding, the ceremonial law, which is no Gay thug cartoon necessary as Jesus Christ to whom it pointed had already come to take over its placethe natural law, which is still binding as evidenced by an object falling when committed to the pull of gravity, the health law, as in eating and drinking the foods that promote life and well being; and finally, the civil law, as in obeying the traffic light system, as an example in each category.

If you define anything that less than the majority does as abnormal, then being a man is abnormal. You are so right.

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One day a class action suit will take place against PP and the educational system for teaching kids how to get infected for life. Instead of giving u a message such as I hate u or something like that, I ask u to review your opinion on homosexuality and why u feel the need to go online Gay thug cartoon make people feel isolated. Homosexuality is not a choice, u could have just as easily been bi as I Gay thug cartoon, then how would u feel about homosexuality if u felt feelings towards the same sex?

Is homosexuality a sin? And who do we believe? God is the ultimate and sovereign judge for sin. Sin is defined by God for us in the Bible. It is the source for what God says is holy and righteous or sin and abomination. He states any sexual act outside of marriage is adultery hetro or homo sexual.

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Sex is to be between man and woman within marriage. What does this mean? Homosexuality falsifies what God designed. Sin often means not Gay thug cartoon rejecting God but denying or rejecting how and why we are made.

Though it may be considered acceptable by some today — even in some churches — it is not acceptable to God. And we need to take that seriously.

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