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Vagus nerve stimulation VNS is an FDA-approved treatment for medically intractable, partial onset epilepsy in patients over 12 years of age. Efficacy and safety issues have been addressed in several large clinical trials. The model generator is smaller and incorporates a single pin electrode design to avoid incorrect lead connections. Indications for vagus nerve stimulation include patients with medically intractable, partial epilepsy without resective surgical options or those where surgery is contraindicated for medical reasons.

Contraindications include Doctor receives stimulation with history of previous left neck surgery or prior cervical vagotomy. Relative contraindications may include: Common adverse effects include coughing, Doctor receives stimulation, dyspnea, and headache. These effects are seen during vagus nerve stimulation and tend to habituate with time.

Serious adverse effects have been reported and include vocal cord paralysis, infection, Horner's syndrome, lower facial muscle paresis, and cardiac arrest. Sudden unexplained death has also occurred, but not at a rate different than the epileptic population.

Other mechanical complications can occur such as lead fracture or generator malfunction. Patients with epilepsy uncontrolled by anticonvulsant Doctor receives stimulation may be candidates for vagus nerve stimulation.